PT Chaya Hantaran Nusantara (hantaran) is a licensed courier service / express delivery company and rush handling / consolidated clearance, also operates SkyNet Worldwide Express in Indonesia. This entity was established in 2011 to accommodate the growing market demand and to expand our initial services of freight forwarding, formal customs clearance and warehousing.

This company and its services add on our portfolio to serve customers better, and fullfil their business needs through our group company's one-stop-service.

We keep our operations of interfreight and hantaran under the same roof on all of our presences, so that customers can find us easily without a lot of hassles.


Our express delivery covers both services :

- domestic

- international 

To understand more about Hantaran, please visit our website https://hantaran.co.id/

We operate international courier service as SkyNet:

  • Largest independently owned network in the world

  • Full coverage to major cities in almost every country in the world

  • e-Commerce support

  • Express, mail, freight delivery

Call us at +62 21 4288 2727 to explore our express delivery capabilities, and find out how we serve you better.

Or e-mail us at cs@skynetworldwide.co.id

Download our express courier service company profile, here.


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ABOUT | Group Company

PT Chaya Interfreight Cargo (interfreight)

Overseas freight forwarding & logistics. Our mother company which operates as an international freight forwarders and shipping agents in Indonesia. We are connected with renowned overseas freight forwarders globally, giving customers more safe, secured, on time shipping experience.

As a group company, it has currently 2 joint venture operations, and 2 subsidiary companies. Together with customers, we seek for healthy sustainable growth.   

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ABOUT | Subsidiary Companies

PT Chaya Hantaran Nusantara (hantaran)

Express Delivery Service operates Nationwide. Synchronised with our rush handling and consolidated clearance process license and capability, we extend our service to deliver fast moving shipments.

One of our valued partner who is shipping retail and e-commerce commodity globally is Quantium Solutions (subsidiary company of Singapore Post). 

PT Indera Sarana Indonesia

A trading company which is affiliated with Suzuyo Material Co., Ltd. 

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